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Download a file by pasting in a Sia linkfile below:

Once a file has been uploaded, a link called a 'Skylink' is generated. This link can then be shared with anyone to fetch the file from this or any other Skynet Portal.
By using this service, you accept our Terms and Conditions

SiaLoop ties the Sia network to the HTTP internet

This is a portal of Skynet, a file sharing and content delivery technology built on top of the Sia Network. Uploading a file through this portal will "pin" the file, being the generated SiaLink accessible from this or any other Skynet portal. Files uploaded to Skynet using a local Sia client will also be available to download on any portal. The links of this portal can be embedded on websites or apps. Learn more about Skynet here.

SiaLoop is a public Skynet portal operated by

Terms and conditions

  • You agree to not upload or download content violating the current laws.
  • We do not scan the files content and are not responible of the effects of downloading malicious files. Be careful when using a SiaLink and take the same precautions as when downloading any other internet file.
  • We reserve the right to block the access to any file, including dangerous files or those violating the laws.
  • We will do our best to keep the files "pinned" for as long as possible, but we can't guarantee their long-term availability. The best way to ensure a file is available is pinning it by yourself using your local Sia client. After pinned, and while you pay for its storage, the file will be available to download from this or any other portal.
  • SiaLoop does not store on its servers any uploaded file. Instead, it acts as a mere public access point for the Sia network. The data will be stored on the Sia "hosts" (the actual storage providers of the network).
  • For more info about how Skynet portals work, visit
  • Contact us using the email at the footer of this website for any question or inquire.


SiaLoop pays to the Sia hosts for the files "pinned" (uploaded) and for the data downloads. Currently we don't use any monetization strategy and we are acting as a charity to provide visibility to the Skynet technology and encouraging its use. Please consider donating Siacoin to this address to ensure the future sustainability of this service: